We have started this blog to give you some information on what is going on.

Some history about this project:

Started at Uppsala University by 9 students in a project course.

Software that we used in Cookie Cart 1.0:

  • Riak 0.4 -> 0.6.2
  • Nitrogen 1.0
  • Mochiweb
  • ErlyDtl

Software that we are using in Cookie Cart 2.0:

  • Nitrogen 1.0
  • Mochiweb
  • Mnesia


What is going on then, well we are updating Cookie Cart 1.0 with new nitrogen and riak. So in a couple of days we will commit new code to github with nitrogen 2.0.

After that the goal is to have api:s so you can change from Mnesia to Riak 0.11.